Saturday, March 30, 2013

Holy Onomatopoeia Batman!

 A couple of weeks ago my 6th grade class was studying figurative language. The last one we studied was Onomatopoeias. I found this great activity on Pinterest and just HAD to use it! 

First thing I did to introduce Onomatopoeias was show a 1960's Batman video clip that I found on youtube. Here is the specific clip that I used. My kids loved this!

Next thing I did was show them the art project that we were going to be making. The examples can be found at Splish Splash Splatter Art 

Here is a second example that I showed them.

Onomatopoeia art

Once I showed them what we were going to be making I had them pick out 3 different colors of construction paper. They were to pick one for their background, one for their "zig zag" design, and one for the onomatopoeia word. You will also need newspaper.

Here are some examples of the finished products!

 This is one of my favorites! Didn't they turn out cool?

Happy Teaching and Happy Easter!

Friday, March 15, 2013

National Pi Day!! (3/14)

Yesterday (3/14) was national Pi Day!

I celebrated with my 7th grade geometry kids! It was a good time!

The first thing I did with them was read "Sir Cumference and The First Round Table". 

After we read that I handed out Oatmeal Creme "Pies"! They took the pie and had to find the radius, diameter, and the circumference. Then they could eat it!

After we did the Oatmeal Creme Pie activity I showed a "Pi Day Rap" from you tube.

What did you do for Pi Day?