Sunday, June 7, 2015

Calling ALL teachers! *Input Needed*

Guess what?


Our last day with students was on May 29 and our teacher workshop was on June 1. Tuesday I will have been on summer break for one WHOLE week. Whew! Well, kind of summer break. I am taking 2 masters classes this June. I started my masters this past January. It is in Curriculum and Instruction - Teacher Leadership. The class I am currently in is call Advanced Teaching Methods. I am sitting here in my home office trying to decide what I would like my final paper topic to be about. I 'think' I have decided on learning styles. 

So here is my question....

Do any of you awesome teachers incorporate learning styles into your classroom? Do you give your students a quiz to find out their learning styles? Do you just observe your students? Then how do you use that to teach to your students? Any additional information would be fabulous!

Thank you all so much!