Monday, August 5, 2013

Reality & Monday Made-It

Oh My Goodness. 

Next week I am going back to school to work on my room. I not so sure I am ready for this yet! For one reason mainly...

this little guy right here!

He just turned 2 months on Saturday (today he is 9 weeks old!)
I can't believe how fast this summer has gone! I am really excited to start working on my room but sad to leave my little bittersweet!

and now for my Monday Made-It
I am linking up with 4th Grade Frolics

Below I have a sample of what my lesson plan template looks like for this year. I have decided to go back to the original looking lesson plan template with all 5 days together. Last year I had one day per page. This will definitely help save paper!

What do your lesson plan templates look like?!

Good Luck with your classrooms! :)

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Classroom jobs?

What do you think of classroom jobs in tr middle grades, 6th grade in particular? I am considering having classroom jobs for my students but don't know if this is a good idea for 6th grade? 

I need your opinions! Do any of you middle school teachers have jobs for your students? If so, how we'll do they work an what are the jobs that you assign them? 

Here are some examples of how I might display my classroom jobs. 

Have a great Monday! 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday Snapshots

I've decided to join in the fun Run! Miss Nelson's Got the Camera! 
And her Saturday Snapshots! 

My day so far has consisted of watching this cute little guy! My baby will be 7 weeks on Monday! I can't believe it! He loves tummy time! 

Next, I've been working on a curriculum map for the year for my reading class. This is so much easier to do now that it is my 2nd year teaching! I'am  getting so excited for my new class :) 

Look what I found at...wait for it... Walmart! Only $0.97 each! Steal! 

And finally, my last snapshot. My theme for this year, mustaches! Staying classy in 6th grade this year! 

What has your Saturday looked like so far? 

Mrs. Crouse :) 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


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Monday, July 15, 2013

It's been awhile!

Wow! I haven't blogged since before my baby! So let me introduce you to the newest Crouse Allstar :)

Meet Weston James! Born June 3 at 11:32pm.  Weighing 8lb 6oz and 21 1/2 in. He is absolutely perfect! 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Extremely short post!

Here is my most recent maternity picture! Actually done professionally by my best friend!
I am 35 weeks and 5 days in this picture but currently I am 38 weeks and 1 day! Less than 2 weeks less! Ah I can't believe it! AND today was our last day of school! It is officially summer time! :)

The next pictures are from my baby shower at work. It was actually for 3 of us. 2 babies and a wedding shower! I love my coworkers!! I am 38 weeks exactly in this picture! (man, am I getting huge!!)

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Holy Onomatopoeia Batman!

 A couple of weeks ago my 6th grade class was studying figurative language. The last one we studied was Onomatopoeias. I found this great activity on Pinterest and just HAD to use it! 

First thing I did to introduce Onomatopoeias was show a 1960's Batman video clip that I found on youtube. Here is the specific clip that I used. My kids loved this!

Next thing I did was show them the art project that we were going to be making. The examples can be found at Splish Splash Splatter Art 

Here is a second example that I showed them.

Onomatopoeia art

Once I showed them what we were going to be making I had them pick out 3 different colors of construction paper. They were to pick one for their background, one for their "zig zag" design, and one for the onomatopoeia word. You will also need newspaper.

Here are some examples of the finished products!

 This is one of my favorites! Didn't they turn out cool?

Happy Teaching and Happy Easter!

Friday, March 15, 2013

National Pi Day!! (3/14)

Yesterday (3/14) was national Pi Day!

I celebrated with my 7th grade geometry kids! It was a good time!

The first thing I did with them was read "Sir Cumference and The First Round Table". 

After we read that I handed out Oatmeal Creme "Pies"! They took the pie and had to find the radius, diameter, and the circumference. Then they could eat it!

After we did the Oatmeal Creme Pie activity I showed a "Pi Day Rap" from you tube.

What did you do for Pi Day?

Monday, February 18, 2013

Daily 5 in the Upper Grades

The Daily 5

In the Upper Grades (6th grade in particular) 

Iam looking for some advice and help about using The Daily 5 in my 6th grade classroom for next year. My afternoon is spent with spelling, English, and reading (90 minutes total for all 3). I feel like I will make our time more well spent by doing The Daily 5, but I have no idea where to start! I have read The Daily 5 book and loved it. 

So I am looking to you, my fellow bloggers, for some help. Please tell me:

1. How you introduced the Daily 5?

2. Do you do all 5 or slim it down to 3 and which ones do you use?

3. How do your kids like The Daily 5 or 3?

4. What activities do you use?

5. How much time do you spend on The Daily 5?

6. Do you do it everyday? 

7. Do you incorporate your English? 

Thank you so much for all of your help in advance! 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Teacher Desk Linky!

I am linking up with Clutter-Free Classroom's Teacher Desk Linky!

Only because I JUST organized my desk! haha!

Here it is, the newly organized desk! You can now actually see part of the desktop! AH-MAZ-ING!

My desk is in the back of the room. Because 1. I like to be able to make sure my students are working and 2. I had no other option because the computer hook up was back there!
I'm interested to see how long I can keep my desk this organized! We will see!


Other news, I am 6 months pregnant! Only 3 1/2 more months to go! :)
I sure can't wait to meet the little guy! :)

Have a great week! And if you get tomorrow off like I do, I know you will have a great Monday!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Calling all experienced teachers!!


Word of the week.

I am beyond stressed right now. I am a first year 6th grade teacher. My class has been pushing my buttons lately. Very rude, disrespectful, and plain mean to each other. What do I do? 

Seating charts have been impossible. I am working with ADHD, autistic, talkers, and bullies in my class. Yeah, imagine putting all those in a civil seating arrangement! Ha! I have been searching online and found this website: 
I think I am going to try the second seating arrangement. What do you think? 

I think my kids are just ready for spring break (so am I!) 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Quick Update!

Wow it's been a long time!!

This is going to be short and sweet!

Here is something we have been doing in Reading class. Through December we divided the 6th grade class into 5 reading groups. They read either Skipping Christmas, The Nutcracker, Merry Christmas Mrs. McConnell, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, or A Christmas Carol 

Once they finished reading their books they were to work on a book report and a pringles character can.

Here are some pictures

Can you guess who some of these characters are based on the books we read??


In other news,

We have found out what we are having!!

I first polled my students to see what they thought it would be (they have been so excited about my pregnancy!)

Drum roll, please!


We are beyond excited!!