Friday, June 24, 2011

The Collecting Room

Here is my "Collecting Room". My second bedroom has become my temporary classroom setup. I am not able to move my stuff into my classroom yet because they are painting and waxing the floors. So everything I have been getting has been going into the 2nd bedroom! Here I have pictured my free easel that I got, and my rug that I got for an amazing deal! The rug is a little girly with all the pink, but I think the boys will all get over it when I put my comfy chairs on top of it for the "Reading Dugout". :) I can't wait to get all of this stuff into my classroom!


  1. I love the rug! Not too girly at all, and with some comfy chairs they will all love it! I have moved this year so I am also anticipating getting into my room. Still waiting on paint so I can't start yet, I feel your pain!

  2. Thank you!! I cannot wait to start decorating and getting everything situated!