Thursday, October 20, 2011

Well hello Mr. Blogspot, haven't seen you in awhile!


Wow! has it been a while since I have been on here! Sorry about that! Lately, I have been working, working, working, and loving it! I love my job, it's not a
"teaching job" if you will but it is pretty darn close. AND I am getting my foot in the door. I have been doing a lot of Title 1 work and RtI work with K-4th grades. A lot of math and reading.

For my math students, I have been using a great website! It is Xtra Math  great website to help students increase their fluency in math facts. This week I started working with a small group of first graders in spelling and writing. And I am actually getting to use stuff that I did in student teaching! (I student taught in 1st grade).

So, as for work, it is going great. On the personal husband and I rescued a cat from our local humane society.
Meet Frank, he likes to help with laundry

Also, other great news, I am an aunt (again!) To a handsome baby nephew!

Welcome baby Izaiah!

Last life update: My CARDINALS made it to the World Series! Go Cards!
Our Rally Squirrel! :)

Lastly, here are some pictures of some updates of my classroom!
My alphabet wall, where I feature the letter of the week for my Kindergarten students
The front of my classroom.
-Calendar time
-Star words
My lovely attempt at decorating my door! haha
A little pathetic, but hey I didn't have many materials!
Happy Fall!

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