Saturday, December 17, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I am so excited for Christmas! I get to spend it with all of my family. It will be so much fun watching my niece (who just turned 3) open all of her presents. Also, this is my nephew's first Christmas (he is only 4 months old, so he won't have any clue what is going on!). I have all of my Christmas shopping done, and I can't believe it! I've had it done for about two weeks now! 
School has been great (can't wait for break though!) We go on break next Thursday and are off until the day after New Years. How long is your Christmas break? 

The picture below  is of my first "creative" bulletin board! I got the idea from the website bulletin board ideas this is a great website for all types of bulletin boards! I think my bulletin board turned out pretty good (I am proud of myself! ha!)
Thank you for this great winter bulletin board idea!
 This picture was taken by my best friend at R & G Photography. Check her website out, she does amazing work!!
Merry Christmas from The Crouses!

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