Monday, February 20, 2012

Pin It Monday!

The workshops I went to on Friday went great! Instead of going to the one about How to Manage a Class, I decided to go to one about Getting up and Moving! It was so much fun! We did different activities that get your kids up and moving. Because we all know that kids cannot sit in their seats for long periods of time! Get them up and actively participating in class!

Today is going to be Pin It Monday!
I love Pinterest! And I found this great idea for when I get my own regular ed. classroom!

This idea came from the blog Seriously Primary, check it out!

Cute idea for keeping track of class compliments. Each time the class is complimented (in the hall, at specials, etc.), they receive a "brownie." Once the brownie pan is filled, the class gets a reward.
{so doing this whenever I get my own classroom!!}

If I ever get the lower grades, this will work so good! Kids always want to hear that they are doing good. And if they get rewarded for getting compliments that's even better!

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