Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Does anybody out there use SHURLEY ENGLISH??

This is my first year teaching, and my first year teaching Shurley English. I'm not so sure I like it! I am not very good at English in the first place, never have been. I never really had proper English in grade school, high school, or college! I think I am a pretty good writer but I know NOTHING about parts of speech, or classifying a sentence! I'm pretty sure my students know more than I do at this point. And that's sad!

So HELP me, please! I'm begging you! give me the secrets to Shurley English. To me it is so confusing!


  1. I taught Shurley English for 3 years. Email me

  2. I also taught Shurley English levels 7 and 8. You can email me at

    Kandi M.

  3. I've taught Shurley for three years now -- first at the 7th and 8th grade level, and now at the 6th grade level. One of the biggest differences I've found is that the 6th grade manual has a lot more teaching scripts in it than the 7th/8th grade books. They also don't try to get through as many patterns in the 6th grade, so it's nice.

    Check out their website for extra helps, and I'd be willing to help you too.
    Rachel (dot) Joy (dot) Pierson (At) gmail