Thursday, October 11, 2012

Parent/Teacher Conference Pics & New Design!

Woo! Am I glad that conferences are over! But you know what? They actually went really well!
One of my co-workers gave me the advice to say "your child is perfect" to every parent. Well, I didn't exactly do that...but, I did make sure to give each parent a compliment about their child and then we discussed any concerns that they had.

To set up my classroom I put four desks together. With me on one side and the parents on the other. (Shown below)

I also set 4 chairs outside my classroom for the parents who were next in line. I was told not to post a master list of my conferences outside my door. Because it is really none of the other parents business who has a conference when with me.

I also had the students file pulled out and our behavior log binder out.

Inside the behavior log looks like this. If the student has to move their "baseball" they have to write down the date, what class they were in, the behavior they were doing, and their signature.

 So...I feel like a terrible teacher....

Our conferences were Thursday night and Friday morning. On Friday morning I found out that I was apparently suppose to stay at the school until 8pm. Well, my conferences got over at 7:15pm. And I was sure that some of the other teachers told me that I could leave once my conferences were over. So I waited till about 7:30pm and decided to leave. No one stopped me on my way out either! I had no idea I was suppose to stay till 8pm! I felt terrible when the other 6th grade teacher told me that the next day! Luckily, no one but her and another teacher noticed (good thing the principal or super didn't know!) Honestly, they wouldn't have been made because I had absolutely no idea! But, I still feel bad anyway!! Oh, the joys of being a new teacher! :)

p.s. Check out my new design! The header on my page is a little pixelated but....I still like it! lol


  1. Thanks for the conference tips! I've boo'ed you! Check out the details on my blog.
    Kelly Teach

  2. Hi! I am your newest Follower! I teach All Middle School Grade Levels.