Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mummys!!! oh, and currently

For the past few weeks we have been studying Ancient Egypt in History class. A few weeks ago we did a mummifying experiment. I found the lesson plan here. Check it out! My kids loved it. I intertwined History with Science in the activity.

I introduced the Scientific Method. 

Before we started I had them write down their predictions and questions of what they thought the apple would look like after a week. Then after a week was up we got to look at our apples. Before we looked at our apples I had them write down step 2 and 3 of the Scientific Method. After we looked at the mummified apples we finished by writing steps 4 and 5. Here are some pictures!

(This picture is great!!)

I had so much fun with my kids during this activity! I think they really enjoyed it too!


A little late, but here is my currently!

We haven't listened to much music in my class. I should really change that. I think music is very calming. If we were to listen to the radio it would be our town's local country station. What music do you listen to in your classroom?


  1. I like your "currently'! I think that teacher's should automatically get free coffee at all restaurants (including Starbucks) for the service we provide. We spent 7 hours a day with kids and then go home to be an adult. It would be the least businesses could do :)

  2. Hi! I listen to all kinds of music in my classroom all the time! I have piano music, big band music, classical, and of course anything school appropriate on my iPod! I play it all. What I play depends on what we're doing. My students expect me to play all sorts of music. I keep them wondering "what will she play next"...From classical to 80's to One's all played.
    My husband works all weekend too...I get that.

  3. The mummies look like so much fun!! We listen to tons of music in our classroom, and I just posted about it here.

    Hello Mrs Sykes

  4. So I am a first year teacher and we also just finished an apple "mummy" experiment. I wish I had the science prediction material though. :( We did three apple slices... one plain, one dipped in baking soda and salt, and finally one wrapped in gauze. It was quite interesting to see what they looked like.