Saturday, September 13, 2014

Classroom Management

I wanted to share with you what I do for my classroom management, as a whole group and individual.
 Below you see four pictures. The top two pictures and the bottom left picture are my whole group discipline management. My 3rd graders start every week with the letters "REWARD" on our bulletin board. If, as a class, they are not listening, following directions, etc. Then I take a letter away. Each letter is worth 5 minutes, adding up to 30 minutes total of what we call "Fun Friday". On nice Fridays we take them outside to play and on others we play games inside. Now, I do have a way for my students to earn minutes back. Therefore bringing you the bottom left photo, where you see "T" and "S" and tally marks. To get my students attention I use an attention grabber. I say "1-2" the kids say "Eyes on You" then I say "3-4" and the kids say "Talk no more!". After we say this they are suppose to completely silent and listening. If they are then they get a point under the student or "S" side. If I have students still talking or not paying attention after we say this then I get a point under the teacher or "T" side. Each tally mark is work 1 minute of time added on to their "REWARD". BUT my points cancel out their points. For example, below it shows that I have 4 points and they have 6 points. This means that my student got 2 extra minutes added to their "REWARD" on Friday. So if they lost one letter (5 minutes) they would get 2 more minutes added on. Hope my explaining makes sense! Please comment if you have any questions! I have found that this method works great in all grades! I used this in 6th grade the last 2 years and now in 3rd! Give it a try if you have trouble getting your students to pay attention. 

I now want to point out the bottom right photo. This is my individual behavior management system. Its my beautiful clip chart which I know a lot of you use. In my class, my students receive tickets for 100% on tests, passing AR tests, getting their homework log signed, and good behavior. At the end of the day if a student stays on "Ready to Learn" then they get 1 ticket. If they moved up for good behavior then they will get 2 tickets at the end of the day. If they move down 1, that is a warning. If they move down 2, I take out time of their PE. If they move 3, they go to office and I call home.

With their tickets, they can purchase different things in the classroom. I will post my ticket prizes below to be downloaded for FREE!

Ok, and now for a 3rd grade funny!

Can you guess which word doesn't belong? :)

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Mrs. Crouse - thanks for this awesome post! I love the rewards ideas! (I have seen some teachers who call their "shoes off" a "sticky feet pass" :)

    You might really like an app called LiveSchool for tracking tickets and rewards. It makes it easy to track your entire rewards system.

    Keep being great!