Thursday, September 8, 2011


What a week it has been!
I have experienced my first "AIMSWeb" testing week. I am testing all the kids in our school {K-8} and I am tired! I still have 2 more days worth of testing. It has been a great learning experience though. I have been learning the names of all the kids (not that I can still remember them!).

Tonight was open house and I got to meet a lot a parents. It was so nice to really feel a part of the school. I really love my school. I am very hopeful that I will get a teaching job there sooner than later. As a reminder, I am a title 1 aide. Although I get my own classroom with this, it is still not the same as being a classroom teacher. I am excited to get my own classroom and my own group of kids! :) I just can't wait. But for now I will just be patient and wait for the Lord's time to place me in the perfect grade/class/school.

Thanks for listening!
{Mrs. Crouse}

I added a little more to my classroom. The months of the year and touch math numbers
Here is the rest of my room (which I obviously don't use or have a need for)
Any suggestions of how to cover all this stuff?

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