Monday, August 29, 2011

Kids Say The Darnedest Things!

Hey All!

How is everybody? Hopefully you are all enjoying your first weeks back at school. I know I am. I love my new school that I am working at. The kids are great, teachers are great, and the staff is great! Couldn't have picked (well I guess they picked me) a better school to be at!

So some funny stories: kids say the darnedest things! In the kindergarten class last week the teacher was explaining that they would be going to the computer lab later that week and that the computer teachers name is Mrs. Phillips. So later that week when they went down to computers this little boy came up to Mrs. Phillips and said "Hello Mrs. Screwdriver". How clever is he?! He works with his grandpa a lot with tools and handiwork that he put two and two together and remember a "Phillips screwdriver" and associated her last name to the screwdriver! How cute is that!

Another cute story came from a girl in first grade. She told her teacher that one of the boys in class was bugging her. She said "This boy is bugging me, he is just all up in my grill!" Isn't that funny! Kids remember the craziest phrases don't they? She also told us later that day that the boy was like a shrimp because she just really doesn't like shrimp. Because when she was 4 years old she tried a shrimp and hated it. So she wants to cook this boy like a shrimp because she just doesn't care for him that much! Ha!

Oh my! I can't wait to share more stories with you! Please share with me some of your funny stories!

Have a great week,
Mrs. Crouse

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