Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Currently March!

This is the first time I've done one of these currently things! I like them! They are fun!

The last one is "3 words" and here are the rules:
ONE- every word has to start with the FIRST letter of your LAST name
so all of mine start with C
TWO- you can only have 3 words... that is it THREE words
THREE- you have to think of it as what would they say... so if your
students, friends, and family (in that order) could say ONLY ONE WORD about you
and it had to start with the FIRST letter of your LAST name what would the 3 words be...
keep them in that order so everyone knows... STUDENTS, FRIENDS, FAMILY

Now its your turn!
Need to know how to link up??

Here's how:
1. Right click and copy
2. Open Power Point (or I use Picasa) and insert (or paste) the image.
3. Create text-boxes and type in your answers.
4. Copy all (cntrl A) and paste into Paint or press "Save As", rename and save to your computer
5. Save as a jpeg
6. Upload the image to your blog :)
So, now what are you waiting for...Try it out!

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