Friday, July 17, 2015

How I Do Classroom Jobs

I have recently had a special request to talk about my classroom jobs. I have done classroom jobs for 2 of my 3 years of teaching. One year in 6th grade and the next year in 3rd grade. I am first going to talk about how I set up my classroom jobs in 6th grade.

In 6th grade, I had my jobs set up on a bulletin board in the library card holders. I number each student, and their numbers were on sticks. (I thought I had a picture of this but I apparently I don't!) Any who, I had enough jobs for 10 students. Librarian, Sweeper, Vacuum, Mail Carrier, Paper Passer, Messenger, Desk Cleaner, Teachers Assistant, Assignment Board, Planner Checker. The rest of the students were put in the Substitute pocket, and if someone was gone that day they would fill in for them. At the end of each day (which was our study hall) my students would do their jobs in the last 15 minutes (some of the jobs were done throughout the day ex. paper passer). At the end of each week I would go through the jobs and pay each of the students with tickets (my classroom reward system). The students were able to use their tickets to buy prizes or candy. 

If I were to teach 6th grade again, I would probably change up my classroom jobs a little bit. Some of the kids didn't care for some of the jobs. So what I would do different is to have them each get a chance to try all of the jobs. Once I went through one rotation I would give out a job application. they would pick their top 3 jobs that they enjoyed doing and then I would assign them that job for the rest of the school year. That way I know that would like it and they would actually do their job!

In 3rd grade, I did my jobs a little differently. 
Here are 2 pictures of how I displayed my jobs last year. 

As you can see in the first picture, I have my awesome mustache sign! :) I have each students name up on the board. But not each student had a job every week. I spaced out the jobs throughout their names. The different jobs that I had were: Teacher's helper, librarian, door holder, desk cleaner, trash patrol, and housekeeper. This year I am going to add pencil master to the list of jobs. In 3rd grade we do not have study hall so I would allow my students time at the end of the day when we are packing up to do their jobs. My teachers helper would have a checklist for the week and check off each day whether the students did their jobs (I, of course, would check over the check list!). The following Monday I would give a ticket (still my classroom reward system) for each day that they did their job. That's a maximum of 5 tickets! The kids loved that part. It gave them motivation to actually do their jobs. 

Well, I hope this helps those of you that are going to try out classroom jobs for the first time. Also, to those of you who have done classroom jobs longer than myself, I would love to hear what you do and what some of your jobs are!

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