Friday, July 31, 2015

The Evolution of My Blog

Wow!! Talk about a lot of changes through the years! And really that's not all of them! Up above you see a picture of all of my blog buttons that I have created. When I first started my blog (which was 4 years ago in June, cRaZy!) I didn't design my own blog. I just used a free template. The name of my blog back then was, "Crouse All-Stars". I had been graduated from college for a year when I started but had yet to have a teaching job. I talked a lot about the teaching interviews I had went on and my experiences subbing and being an RtI aide at two different schools. 2 years after I started my blog (June 2013), I finally received my first teaching job! That is when I changed the name of my blog to "6th Grade All-Stars". As you can see above, I obviously enjoyed changing my blog design (because I finally learned how to do it!) haha! I taught 6th grade for two years, and last year I got the greatest opportunity to move down to 3rd grade (where my heart truly was). So therefore, the next blog change "Mrs. Crouse goes to Third". After teaching 6th grade for 2 years and 3rd grade for one, I decided that my blog name need to be more general. Because I have ideas for the middle grade levels and the lower levels. So this summer (my 4th year blogging), I changed my blog name to "Mrs. Crouse's Teaching Adventures". I also changed my whole blog design by myself (well, with the help of 2 fellow bloggers which I mention in a previous post). I absolutely LOVE my new blog design!

I can't believe that my teaching career has changed so much in the 5 years that I have been out of school. Here's a little timeline:

-I graduated in 2010

-Got married 3 weeks later

-Subbed for 3 months (absolutely HATED being a sub)

-Got a job as an RtI aide at a teeny tiny school (met some great people there!)

-Got offered another RtI aide job at a better and closer school

-After 11 interviews (yes, 11!). I was SO frustrated at this point, I kept questioning God and wondering if teaching is really what I was supposed to be doing. But then, I finally got the call I had been waiting for,  I got hired in 2012 as a 6th grade teacher.

-Had my son in 2013 :)

-2 years later, in 2014, I got to move down to 3rd grade in the same school

- Now I am getting ready to start my 4th year teaching, and 2nd year in 3rd grade

- My baby is now 2!

I just love how you never know where life will take you! 
All you can do is trust in God's plan for you.

Have a great weekend!

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