Monday, August 22, 2011

Meet The Teacher Monday!

Tell us a little something about yourself:

My name is Mrs. Crouse and I am actually don't have my "own" classroom  yet. But I am working as a Title 1 aide at a great school, that I will eventually have my own classroom in. I actually do have a classroom as an aide where I will be working with kids individually and in small groups in reading and math. I will be working with grades K-4. I actually turned down a teaching position for the current aide position that I am in. (Crazy right?) Well the reason I did so was to get my foot in the door at a school that I have always wanted to work at. The other school was very tiny, low pay, I would have been teaching two grades, and had no benefits (not cool!)
I was just married a year and two months ago to my amazing husband! God couldn't have found a more perfect match for me! :) I enjoy working out, swimming, and taking walks. I love LOVE working with kids, especially the younger ones (they are just so darn cute!).

How long have you been teaching?:

Obviously no years :(. This will be my second year as an aide. BUT, I am gaining some great knowledge for when I get my own classroom.

You might not know:

Probably most everything! haha I absolutely LOVE twizzlers and diet cherry Dr. Pepper. :) Can't live without those two things in my life :). Also you might not know that I live in a very small town in southern Illinois (an no, it is no where near Chicago!).

What are you looking forward to most this school year?:

I am looking forward to meeting all the staff and kids at my new school. I have been in school for 3 days now and I already love it there! Also, I am looking forward to having my own classroom (well, not all mine but for the majority of the day it will be!

How do you need to improve?:
I think that I need to improve my creativity! haha I have ideas in my head, but it is so hard for me to express them!

What teaching supplies can you NOT live without?:

POST-ITS! and paper-mate flair pens!
AND I can't live without my Diet Dr. Pepper! YUM :)

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  1. I am the same way, but it is Diet Coke for me. It just starts my day off right, you know? ;-) Hope you have a great school year!